Update 12-01-14

Upcoming; a compilation tape containing several bands related to Revived by Light. This compilation concept will be called 'Revival I - The Darkening of Days'. It will contain bands such as Thy Fiery Haze, Winter's Dawn, Through the Thorns, Ancient Fortress and others. Also will an exclusive noise track be added to the compilation tape made by Ataraxy from Vomit Bucket Productions.


In Summer 2012 I recorded guitar tracks for a band called Bleak Harvest, a possible release is now impending from this band so check out the facebook link at the links section! This band includes members from Maugrim and is focused on contemplations in a atmospheric black metal package.

At my Discogs account I have added some extra items for sale from my personal collection.

New releases are added from 'Vomit Bucket Productions' and 'No Sleep Till Megiddo Records'; including a small sale corner for Vomit Bucket Productions releases.

As of now, 24th of August, both new tapes are available for order.

Quest for Serenity - Beyond the Labyrinth Rev003 (20 copies)
Through the Thorns - Woodland Horizons Rev004 (20 copies)

Stay tuned,