Welcome to Revived by Light.

Revived by Light is a label releasing black metal releases on tape. Tape because it has low costs to produce and lower shipping rates. Besides, the oldschool feeling and sound on tape is really missed within the black metal realm. It contributes a lot to the atmosphere of black metal. Most releases will be available in limited amount of copies (20-50). By every purchase of a tape release you will get a free download when you ask for it (!). I am not too fond of sending downloads. Just put it in the desk and play it. The label is located in the Netherlands.

Do you want your release on tape? Feel free to ask about possibilities.

If you have any questions about this label or what so ever or if you want to order tapes. Don't hesitate to send an email to: revivedbylight@live.nl

For more distro items or a more 'official' selling platform. Go to:
Revived by Light @ Discogs