When you want to order tapes send an email to revivedbylight@live.nl or if you want an official platform you can go to Discogs. You can pay by bank transfer (only EU), PayPal (add 5% for fees) or cash in mail (on own risk). Ask for information. The only currency I accept is Euro. Free mp3's will only be send by request at the purchase of a tape.

This includes all available tapes. (thus also distro tapes)

Buy 1 tape €8,50  incl. worldwide shipping.
Buy 2 tapes €15,- incl. worldwide shipping.
Buy 3 tapes €20,- incl. worldwide shipping and you get a free CD by my choice (!limited possibility!).

Available 'Revived By Light' releases:

Antivenom - Sacred Funeral (SOLD OUT)
Ancient Fortress - 2007 Rehearsal Demos  (SOLD OUT)
Quest for Serenity - Beyond the Labyrinth (SOLD OUT)
Through the Thorns - Woodland Horizons (SOLD OUT)
Megiddon - s/t (SOLD OUT)
Opus Majestic - Wandering Thy Sacred Path €6,- (few copies left)
Day of Ascension - The Absurd Masquerade (SOLD OUT)
Oblitus - Shattered Shape €4,5
Álfablót - Demo II €4,5

Distro (possibly multiple copies available):
(every distro item is selected by myself, not many items but all are quality official release)


The People's Noise Project - The People's Tape €2,- (noisecore from Germany)
Torches in the Void - Bones €5,- (includes a poster) (black metal from Germany)


Ataraxy - A Modern Narrative €5,- (great German harsh noise)
Ataraxy - Worship €5,- (again great German harsh noise)
Bleak Harvest - Everything... Meaningless €6,- (atmospheric black metal)
Elgibbor - The Roots of Blood €10,- (oldschool fierce black meta)
Hesychast - Ageless €8,- (atmospheric/melodic black metal with orthodox chants)
Primitive Church - Contemplação €9,- (raw black metal from Brazil)

Undemoniac - In the Night, I invoke your Name €8,- (straight forward black/death metal from South America) 
Various - Hymns of the Blackest Light Vol, 1 €9,- (Underground black metal compilation)